About Me

I've written all of the books above, but the editing process takes a while because I want them to be the best that they can be before I let them loose on the general public 😉
What do you look like?
I really hate having my picture taken so I don't have many photos of myself, but here's one where I look almost human:
Can you tell us anything else about you?

Well, I have no problem writing a novel, but a couple of sentences about myself? Pffft.

I live in England, and my mental age is younger than my birth certificate tells me. As well as the little voices in my head, I have a horse, two dogs and two sugar gliders to keep me company.

My hobbies include scuba diving and wakeboarding, and I've got a weakness for fast cars that makes my wallet weep.

I tend to talk too much, or so people say, and I have a peculiar affinity for chocolate and wine 🙂

Do you base your stories on your life or real people you know?

While there is a bit of me in all of my stories, I'm not particularly like any of my characters. I can safely say I've never shot anyone, although I do share Emmy's dislike of pineapple on pizza and Ella's hatred of mushrooms. As for other people? Well, a few work their way into my stories, but I'm naming no names…