Have you ever read a book and thought ouch, I wish the writer hadn't done that? If so, this is the story for you!

I'm a plotter when it comes to writing, but I've always wondered what would happen if I started a story with absolutely no idea where it was going. So, for the new year, I thought I'd try writing a story not for my readers, but with my readers.

Twice a month (hopefully!) I'll write a new chapter of Tai's story, with a decision to be made at the end of each instalment. You'll have a week tell me what you want to happen next, and once all the votes are in, I'll write the next part.

Follow Tai as she sets off to work at the start of a new year only for her life to take a series of unexpected turns. Mystery, humour, a little romance – it'll have it all…probably.

The cover will almost certainly change as we go, maybe we'll decide on a title, and feel free to suggest character names 🙂

How to vote:

ONLY votes cast via my newsletter will be counted. This is because the story is also being posted on Wattpad and Facebook as well as my website and I just don't have time to count up comments from all the different places.

Each newsletter will have buttons to vote – just click the option you want.

Catch up on past chapters:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

**NB. This story is as it comes – straight out of my head and may contain typos**