The Black Trilogy Rebooted

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I published my first book in July 2015, and so much has happened since then! I’ve set another fifteen books loose on the unsuspecting public, writing has become my job as well as my hobby, and the first book in my Blackwood Security series, Pitch Black, has been downloaded over 100,000 times.

And in that time, I’d like to think I’ve learned to write better.

Near the beginning of this year, I re-read the Black trilogy. Re-reading is something I usually avoid once my books are published because I keep second-guessing myself and wanting to change things, and this time was no exception. I read the stories and realised they didn’t flow like my more recent books, and I saw parts where I could add or remove bits to improve the pacing. This niggled and niggled at me, so in the spring, I decided to revise all three.

While I did so, I got to thinking about some of my reviews. I don’t like reading those either, because for every bunch of lovely, thoughtful comments, there’s one that makes me reach for the tissues (or the gin). But a number of readers hated the swearing in the books, and one reviewer in particular accused writers who are fond of strong language of using it as a crutch and simply being unable to write without cursing.

Well, I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge…

So, from now on, the Black trilogy is available in two versions – clean and not-so-clean.

You can find out more and read excerpts from the new books on their individual pages:




I’ve added extra dirt to the original versions for those who like that sort of thing, and removed all the swear words and naughty bits from the clean versions. Of course, I have to explain why a potty-mouth like Emmy is being so polite, so there’s an extra thread of story running through the freshly laundered versions, plus a new free book at the end of the clean version of Forever Black. Black to Vegas was supposed to be a short story but kept getting longer and longer until it hit ten thousand words!

The original files on all retailers have now been replaced with the revised versions, and the clean versions are available as separate books.

Pitch Black is free at all retailers in both versions at the moment.

To download the original (dirty) version:


If you’ve already downloaded the original version and it doesn’t update, I’ve also made a BookFunnel link or you can use Instafreebie if you prefer.

To download the new clean version:


Into the Black and Forever Black:

From what I understand, Amazon don't automatically send revised books to your kindle (because you'd lose any highlights/notes you've made). So, if you’ve already bought the original versions of Into the Black or Forever Black and you’d like to read the revised versions of these, I’m happy to send you a download link if you email me your purchase receipt. (N.B. These links will be for the dirty versions, not the clean versions). This won't be instant as I spend more time writing than checking my emails, so please be patient 🙂


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34 Responses to “The Black Trilogy Rebooted”

  1. Elisa

    Looking forward to reading the clean versions. You are an amazing writer so please keep the books coming

  2. Diana S.

    I always admire you… You have a lot of ideas that fans like go gaga… How you make book character interesting? And the details of an item or a place is so full explanation. I love it.

  3. Nicole Kirsche Stoll

    I’ve just discovered your books But I truly enjoyed Pitch Black! I am so Glad ladies like you share your gifts with readers like me. I became handicapped to young and books like these bring adventure to my life (my wheelchair makes adventure challenging).

  4. Jackie Wisherd

    You are the first author I know of that has a clean and a not so clean version of their book. How cool

    • It’s a bit of an experiment for me. Some people said they weren’t so keen on the swearing, and I like to keep readers happy, lol. If enough people like the clean versions, I’d consider adapting more books in future 🙂

      • Sylvia Robinson

        Hello Elise, thank you very much for the clean version of your excellent book. I know that many people have been writing that myself and others can find another writer to follow. So, I appreciate the effort you put into making your book available to us. I am an avid reader of fiction for relaxation and entertainment and bad language and sex scenes make me cringe. I believe that sex is a gift from the Lord for married people to be engaged and enjoyed with all the enthusiasm and energy that they can muster. But, it is private. Scripture tells us to keep so.
        Please know that I will keep reading and now I can tell my friends about you.

        • Thanks so much for your message, and I’m glad you enjoy these sort of books – it’s a bit of an experiment for me! To be totally open, there are still relations between non-married people, it’s just nothing is detailed on the page in the clean versions – it all happens behind closed doors 🙂

  5. Michelle

    I am new to your work so I have downloaded both versions…. can’t wait to read them!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  6. Dawn

    Thanks for writing more Blackwood there are brilliant books, on my 10th time of reading them all, I just can’t find any books that compete looking forward to reading more of them.

    • Aw, so glad you like them 🙂 I think you’ve read them even more than me! I’ve still got quite a few more books I’d like to write in the series.

  7. Sharon

    I loved the clean versions. Truthfully I had original forever black and gray is my heart. I deleted forever black and bought the clean version when I saw it was available. I skipped the chapters with the sex and the bad language took away some of my enjoyment in reading. Looking forward to the clean versions of gold rush and gray is my heart. I think the way you spin your stories are awesome, they stand on their own without the language and the sex scenes.

  8. Marti

    Does the version on my Kindle that I purchased before your changes automatically update to the new version? Is there any way to tell if it’s the new version?

    • I don’t think it will change to the new version, but if you check the copyright page, the new versions have “R1” written under the ISBN number 🙂

  9. MJ Symmonds

    You’re new to me & I must say I’m completely intrigued. I would be one of the ones to read the dirty version. Where’s the fun in clean. I’m all dirty, dirty, dirty!!

    • Aminah

      Completely agree with this! Also i dont think they’re that dirty or rude anyway, but i guess each to their own… I just hope she doesn’t change how she writes any new books so that they contain less of those scenes 🙁

      • Don’t worry, the clean books are a completely separate things. The regular books will continue as usual with Emmy’s potty mouth and a few dirty bits 🙂

  10. Jackie Wisherd

    I am glad to see there is a clean version of your book. Good idea for some readerswho might mot otherewise read them.

  11. I only recently discovered your books. I have so enjoyed the Blackwood Security series and don’t think I would tire of reading more about them, as I get very attached to characters. I’m quite happy with the original “dirty” versions. The language doesn’t bother me and the sex scenes are enviable. As I like dark and edgy men, my favorites are Black and Xavier. I plan on reading more of your books. Your imagination and creativity make them hard to put down.

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